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Hello everyone,

My name is Heather from TKWeb and I am handling all of Red Elk’s social media. He has sent me over the last 7 years many e mails and I am going to use this blog to compile them and share his work with you too. This blog will be in his words …. mis-spellings and all. I will catagorize the subject matter for you and for Red Elk.

I am working with Red Elk on publishing his new book coming out soon. I was just visiting him and I saw that he spends most of his day answering e-mails, which unfortunately, often he is repeating the same thing taking away his Medicine Man time to do whatever it is a Medicine Man needs to do. So hopefully this will eventually be a great reference for all the people who have questions for Red Elk.

While I was staying there – he put me up in his Gnome Home (in which I have all the e-mails regarding building this Hobbit Hut). I loved it! I will begin by sharing this with you until I have the time to build this site for you.

So without further adue – here are the latest developments of Red Elk’s Gnome Home/Hobbit Hut. Enjoy…..and if you wish to reach Red Elk and stay …. feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do. My e mail address for all Red Elk matters is: RedElk@clients.tkweb.com