Looking Back


It’s Heather and I wish you all a great Easter weekend. I have been thankful for the support that Red Elk’s family continues to receive in the form of donations and book purchases. Sometimes they coincide with great need: either emotionally with confirmation of his wife striving to take care of the family or actually directly in assisting with allowing them to continue to make their home modern with running water and soon a septic system.

I looked in my emails for something to do with Easter but I found this response after I discussed visiting my grandparents and receiving gifts and good times. I thought I would share.

It is good child, to listen to the past paths of the elders.  Thus you are
ingrained in their knowledge and why they have grown into their particular
personality, their “path”.  They were ready to share and in so doing ready
for their give-away. The give-away is their wanting you to have good
memories of them….not bad.  They are preparing to leave. Though consciously
they are not aware of this SUBconsciously they are. They SUBconsciously know their
“time” is short. LOVE THEM.  Ho
Ho  Red Elk

New Blog

Please go to Red Elk Speaks to read new blog!

Hello everyone,

My name is Heather from TKWeb and I am handling all of Red Elk’s social media. He has sent me over the last 7 years many e mails and I am going to use this blog to compile them and share his work with you too. This blog will be in his words …. mis-spellings and all. I will catagorize the subject matter for you and for Red Elk.

I am working with Red Elk on publishing his new book coming out soon. I was just visiting him and I saw that he spends most of his day answering e-mails, which unfortunately, often he is repeating the same thing taking away his Medicine Man time to do whatever it is a Medicine Man needs to do. So hopefully this will eventually be a great reference for all the people who have questions for Red Elk.

While I was staying there – he put me up in his Gnome Home (in which I have all the e-mails regarding building this Hobbit Hut). I loved it! I will begin by sharing this with you until I have the time to build this site for you.

So without further adue – here are the latest developments of Red Elk’s Gnome Home/Hobbit Hut. Enjoy…..and if you wish to reach Red Elk and stay …. feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do. My e mail address for all Red Elk matters is: RedElk@clients.tkweb.com